Discover the effectiveness of forest medicine

Healing with Nature develops high level experiences to empower your family, your colleagues, your children and your community to heal through engaging researched forest therapy programs. We are here to support your needs:

  • Improve mental health
  • Reduce stress and Cortisol levels
  • Improve mood and increase positivity 
  • Reduce blood pressure and blood sugar levels
  • Boost immune system 
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Increase focus and decision making
  • Increase general wellbeing, feel calmer, more relaxed and energised
  • Get out of your head and into your body
  • Learn about your local environment
  • Boost social connection

Other Programs and events

  • Nature Therapy Walks
  • Kids Nature Club (6 to 12y)
  • Nature Play (2 to 6y)
  • Nature Birthday Parties
  • Women in Nature
  • Seniors in Nature
  • Accessible Nature Tours
  • Nature Spa
  • Nature Sound Healing
  • Team Building in Nature
  • Nature Based School Holiday Programs
  • Nature Based School Excursions (2023)
  • Nature Immersion (weekend away on demand)

Design your personalised program now

On our journey I will teach you different excercises and techniques so you can create a life you deserve. Below are only some of them.

Kids Nature club

Instead of taking the kids home to watch tv, have you thought about introducing a healthy, playful, and motivating activity to help them wind down after school? Offering numerous health benefits, bush school programs have been designed to get our kids back outside, engaging with their minds, bodies and environment.

Nature play
Nature walk
Nature art
Unstructured play
Cubby houses
Bush survival skills
Education about animals & plants
Transition from intellectual to sensorial learning

WHEN? Every second Monday at Stony Range & Wednesdays at Manly Dam - 3:45 - 4:45pm

COST? $25 per child

Local locations have been chosen for easy access. Accessible parking is available. If you have a Northern Beaches Council permit parking is free, otherwise, pay parking. Onsight bathrooms available.

Please ensure your child has comfortable, weather appropriate clothing and shoes. Bring a hat, water bottle, sunscreen, snacks, change of clothes and mosquito repellent.


Womens Circles

Create a deep connection with your community and the forest. These special ceremonies provide a transformative opportunity to go within whilst surrounded and engaged with the natural environment. Develop a respectful, sacred and safe healing space amongst like-minded women to share, celebrate and grow. Each circle may be personalised to suit the needs and desires of your group. 

Circles last 6 to 8 weeks, with different themes being explored each week.


Senior Walks

Looking for an outdoor activity to increase both your physical and mental health, to connect with friends and learn more about your local natural environment? 

Inclusive guided forest therapy walks have been developed for those in their golden years to access the inherent healing benefits of nature. Awaken your senses, connect with your community and improve your sense of wellbeing.


Team building

Has your team lost focus, inspiration and drive?
 Are they having difficulty communicating effectively? 
Is there a lack of respect and continuity? 
Are your team members struggling with poor mental and physical health?

We are here to help…

Tailored for any group, these fascinating workshops are tailored to cater to your group's needs. Applying guided forest therapy techniques, researched activities will be introduced to help your team reconnect, communicate and understand themselves better.Workshops will run for up to 3 hoursMinimum of 10 participants per session

Maximum of 20 participants per session