Healing with Nature

Join Dr. Sarah Brikké (PhD) in an inclusive, immersive and eco certified exploration of your local forests.
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Healing with Nature

Rediscover a happier & healthier you - Nature experiences to feed your soul

Improve mental health

Reduce stress and Cortisol levels

Improve mood and increase positivity 

Learn about your local environment

Some of our programs

On our journey I will teach you different excercises and techniques so you can create a life you deserve. Below are only some of them.

Forest therapy

Guided forest therapy nature walks are appropriate for all ages, people with limited mobility, groups, events, team-building, families, students and more. Walks are typically less than 1km and last for between 1h30 and 3 hours depending on the walk. 

Nature play

An immersive invitation for children ages 0-6 years to engage, learn and play within a safe forest space.  Includes storytelling, nature walks, crafts and unstructured play.

Events and programs tailored for you

We have plans design specific for you

  • Nature Birthday Parties
  • Seniors in Nature
  • Nature School Holiday Programs
  • Inclusive in Nature (soon to be NDIS Registered Provider)
  • Nature Spa
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‘Nature is not a place to visit, it is home’ 
Gary Snyder
"And into the bush we go, to lose our minds and find our souls. Such a beautiful afternoon spent connecting in the bush led by the wonderful Sarah Brikke. I have joined a few of her mindful bush walks now. It is amazing what you can see, hear and notice when you aren't in a hurry and when you are really tuned in, to self and to the earth. It is very grounding. " Kathy K.

"Before the walk, I was sad and I am now rejuvenated. Sarah is a gifted facilitator. She creates a safe space to express yourself and connect with nature, which I found very comforting. I learned new ways of looking at the world and definitely felt positive results in the days after. It is also a great way to connect with like minded people and break up the mundane. Beautiful locations too. Highly recommend." Carolina M.

"Never underestimate the power of community and guidance of someone. I got guided into where I have not felt the courage to explore on my own. Without Sarah Brikke, I would have continued to wonder where this hidden location was. We used the power of ancient mother earth to let go off the old symbolically in the waterfall flow and welcome the new. I arrived feeling indecisive and leaving feeling hopeful." Julie P.

"When in doubt, I go into nature. It is accepting, impartial and always soothing, despite having a craving for bush walks and hidden nature tracks, I have been somewhat intimidated to venture out on my own. I have found a perfect solution, my own guide, Sarah Brikke, with whom I feel safe to explore National Parks with a small intimate group. I connected with my surroundings and received the symbolic messages that were much needed. There is wisdom all around in nature, if we slow down to receive it. I left this bush walk with a richer and nourished soul." Olia. D
Dr. Sarah Brikké

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